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Welcome to the Old Dominion Theatre Organ Society!

The Old Dominion Theatre Organ Society (ODTOS), a Chapter of the American Theatre Organ
Society (ATOS), is dedicated to bringing together Virginians who share an interest in preserving,
promoting, and enjoying theatre organs.

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Because of State imposed Covid19 restrictions, there are no scheduled programs at this time. Please check back later.

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Harold Warner, Jr. - Mosque / Landmark / Altria Theatre
Altria Theatre Wurlitzer 3/17
Altria Theatre
(Formerly Landmark)
(Formerly Mosque)
Wurlitzer 3/17
(Currently Unplayable)
Photo - Ray Brubacher
Byrd Theatre Wurlitzaer 4/17
Byrd Theatre
Wurlitzer 4/17
Photo - Ray Brubacher
Carpenter Theatre Wurlitzer 3/13
Carpenter Theatre
(Formerly Loew's)
Wurlitzer 3/13
Photo - Ray Brubacher

Concert Before Evening

Byrd Theatre
Richmond, VA

Bob Gulledge
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A Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society
June 30 - July 5, 2019

ATOS Convention

Rochester, New York

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ATOS Convention
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Hardman Studio
Wurlitzer 4/38
(organ is currently available
for sale or as donation to
suitable non-profit)
Photo - Jack Hardman



Stonewall Jackson Hotel
Wurlitzer 105 2/3
Photo - John DeMajo